Food for thought
Food for thought

our many suppliers are carefully selected on the basis of sustainability and quality

Food for thought

In BC Hospitality Group we value sustainability and quality. Naturally the food we serve is no exception to this, which is why we carefully select our many suppliers in order to ensure we serve quality food and support sustainability whenever we can.

Among our suppliers:

Hopballe Mølle Chicken
We get our chicken from the farm Hopballe Mølle, their focus is on animal welfare and good ingredients. They offer quality meat sold directly from the farm without unnecessary intermediaries. The chickens thrive and have plenty of room to roam.

Nordic beef
Our beef is supplied by Nordic Beef. The vision behind Nordic Beef is to preserve and protect natural areas and landscapes in North Jutland, which are endangered by overgrowing. Nordic Beef has selected cattle breeds who are healthy, rugged and calm animals.

Pork from Henriksfälts Gård
BC Hospitality Group has collaborated with Henriksfälts Gård, a farm that supplies pork from pigs that are bred under healthy and environmentally friendly conditions. Animal welfare is the top priority on the Swedish farm located just 80 kilometers from our headquarters. The pork used in BC Hospitality Group now originates from our own pigs raised at the farm, which ensures that the supply chain is as short as possible and that the final product is local, sustainable and of high quality.

Carefully selected fish
We buy our fish based on WWF's Seafood Guide (World Wide Fund for Nature), which is a guide to making sustainable choices when buying fish and seafood. WFF is hard at work to increase the supply of sustainable seafood and to improve the environmental labels MSC and ASC.

Milk from Øllingegaard Mejeri
Our milk comes from the dairy Øllingegaard Mejeri, who get their fresh milk from 11 organic farms in Zealand. Øllingegaard is 100% organic and in charge of both the production and transporting it to the consumers

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